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About Us | Tristate Urgent Care - Cincinnati, OH

Life has a tendency of throwing curve balls when we least expect it.

Sometimes our children get small injuries while playing sports at school or they get bitten by insects in the garden which cause a bad reaction and, although the incidents might not be life threatening, they may still require urgent medical attention.

In situations like these, most people dread the visit to the public hospital or clinic because of many different but understandable reasons. It could be the anxiety you experience in that crowded reception area with all kinds of sick and injured people being shuttled up and down in stretchers and wheel chairs. It could be the idea of waiting in long queues only to get a rude lady at reception who won’t answer your questions. No matter what your reasons are for avoiding public hospitals, you can be comforted by the fact that there is a better alternative with Tristate Urgent Care.

Our medical treatment center and urgent care center provide the highest standard of medical treatment in the Cincinnati area. We cater for most non-lethal emergencies and treat a variety of ailments and injuries. Our dedicated staff consists of highly motivated and expertly trained doctors and nurses in the medical profession.

Contact us today to provide your family with the best healthcare available.

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