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Medical Center | Tristate Urgent Care - Cincinnati, OH

We will encounter many medical emergencies in our lifetime.

The circumstances under which they happen vary but our needs during these challenging times are consistent – we need quality care, attention, and fast service from experienced medical professionals. We also need patient nurses and doctors who will listen and advise us when we’re not clear about our medical options. And we need reliable machinery that will ensure we get accurate results to base our decisions on.

There is no place that provides these important services as well as we do at Tristate Urgent Care.

We care about your family’s health and well-being, which is why we provide a full range of primary care services to cater for your family’s medical needs. Our facilities at Tristate Urgent Care are among the best in the world, and we provide first grade medical treatment for non-lethal emergencies. Our walk-in clinic caters for a wide range of medical conditions which include:

• Strep
• Sore throats
• Cough/colds
• Flu
• Nausea/vomiting
• Ear aches
• Sinus infections
• Bronchitis/pneumonia
• Vaccinations
• Lacerations
• Sprains/fractures
• Rashes
• Sports and school physicals
• Burns
• Urinary infections
• Eye injuries

We select only the finest candidates to join our staff because we believe the best care starts with hiring the best people. We have a strict and rigorous recruitment process where we examine each applicant’s skill level, education, experience, dedication, and character to make sure each member of our team is qualified and capable of addressing all your medical challenges.

Contact our friendly and helpful staff today, or simply come in to our walk-in clinic and experience the best medical service in the industry. We don’t require appointments to see you, and we have very short waiting periods, so call us to experience the best possible services in professional healthcare today.

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