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Physical Exams

Physical Exams | Tristate Urgent Care - Cincinnati, OH

Physical examinations are an important part of staying healthy.

Whether it’s a regular dentist’s appointment, mammograms, or just a general check-up, a thorough physical examination can help discover dangerous illnesses before they become a danger to you and your family’s health. As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure, and a good physical exam will help ‘cure’ the problem before it becomes a bad situation.

That’s why we, at Tristate Urgent Care, take physical exams very seriously. We understand the importance of even the most routine examinations and take the utmost care to ensure you get the most out of the whole process. Our team of passionate and dedicated medical personnel make sure that everything is done as efficiently as possible so you can be sure you have the correct information when you leave our premises.

We provide physical examinations for a variety of purposes, including school physicals, sports physicals, or special examinations for kids and adults. Our facilities are among the most innovative technologically advanced in the world and our service delivery is testament to our commitment providing the best healthcare experience in Cincinnati.

Tristate Urgent Care is a full-service primary care provider based in Cincinnati where we’ve been serving the community faithfully for many years. Not only do we provide physical examinations, but we also treat the following medical conditions:

• Strep
• Sore throats
• Cough/colds
• Flu
• Nausea/vomiting
• Ear aches
• Sinus infections
• Bronchitis/pneumonia
• Vaccinations
• Lacerations
• Sprains/fractures
• Rashes
• Sports and school physicals
• Burns
• Urinary infections
• Eye injuries

This is just a short list of common conditions. We treat many more ailments in our walk-in medical clinic and can help with a wide range of non-lethal medical emergencies.

For a professional healthcare service that boasts friendly, trained, and experienced staff and the best facilities in the state, contact Tristate Urgent Care at (513) 531-1505 or come in to our walk-in medical clinic today for more information.

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