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Flu is a severe acute disease of an infectious nature with catarrhal phenomena. The virus spreads very quickly. In just a few seconds, it is transmitted from a sick person to healthy ones. Symptoms of infection appear within literally 1 to 3 hours.Prevention and Treatment of Flu


The key to health, protection against any virus is a strong immunity. Therefore, as soon as the cold season begins, you need to give the immune system as many nutrients as possible.

Some skeptics have dim of vitamins and minerals. It is completely wrong since no system or organ can fully perform its functions without these substances. For the body’s defenses, vitamin C is especially valuable, as well as B vitamins.

Aromatherapy is effective flu prevention. Use tea tree oil for aromatherapy. The procedure is preferably carried out 2 times a day.

Be sure to strengthen personal hygiene, wash your hands more often, rinse your nose and throat. Rinsing is best done with water in combination with sea salt. It contains a lot of iodine providing a beneficial effect not only on the thyroid gland.

In addition, you should air the room 3-4 times during the day. Carry out wet cleaning regularly. These simple but effective methods reduce the risk of disease. It strengthens the immune system, has a healing effect on the whole body.


First of all, the treatment must be comprehensive. The doctor and the patient have 3 main tasks:

  • destroy the virus;
  • help the immune system fight the infection;
  • weaken the painful disease manifestations.

These goals are achieved in different ways: both medications of various pharmaceutical groups and traditional remedies are used.

Medicaticamentous flu treatment

Antiviral therapy is mandatory in the flu. The sooner you start it, the better the situation will become. After a few days from the onset of the disease, antiviral therapy will become less effective. There are not many anti-influenza drugs. Adamantane derivatives (amantadine, rimantadine) are practically not used now: the swine flu pandemic in 2009 showed almost 100% resistance of viruses to them. The anatomical, therapeutic and chemical classification of WHO includes neuraminidase inhibitors Zanamivir and Oseltamivir, as well as Umifenovir. They prevent the virus from entering cells. These drugs do most effectively cope with influenza pathogens.

To ease the flu course, symptomatic remedies should be used:

  • a runny nose, vasoconstrictive drops are used (no longer than 5 days);
  • a sore throat – local antiseptics;
  • cough – mucolytic and expectorant drugs.

To reduce the inflammatory response in influenza, doctors often prescribe NSAIDs based on paracetamol and ibuprofen. It is permissible to take antipyretic drugs only if the temperature exceeds 38 °C, otherwise, you will deprive the body of the possibility to fight viruses.

Treatment with traditional remedies

In childhood, colds were treated with compresses, mustard plasters and hot milk mixed with honey. Many older people are convinced that this is the most suitable therapy for the flu. The long-term experience of using traditional remedies affects their opinion. But nowadays, more effective, comfortable and safe ways to treat the flu are available.

According to the modern approach, there is absolutely no need to torment the patient with alcohol compresses and suction cups. There is no scientific evidence about their benefits. They can bring much more harm. Mustard plasters and hot foot baths are unacceptable at high temperatures, otherwise, they are safe traditional remedies. At some points, medicine agrees with the experience of our ancestors. So, if you are diagnosed with the flu, it is advised to drink more liquid in order to quickly remove intoxication. Tea with raspberries will definitely help relieve the symptoms.